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What do Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and Madonna have in common? The answer is — blonde hair! Do you want to become a blonde goddess? Or at least lighten your locks? If yes, then you should definitely think about giving your hair a bleach bath!

We know what you are thinking. No, a bleach bath is not the same as bleaching. And no, a bleach bath will not damage your hair like bleaching usually does. What the bleach bath will do is give you the tone you want, whether it is completely blonde hair or a few shades lighter than your current hair color.

Continue reading to find out all about bleach bath along with bleach bath hair instructions and bleach wash instructions.

What is a bleach bath for hair

If you are new to hair care, hair dyeing, and bleach hair wash, then you have probably asked yourself one question on and on again. What is a bleach bat for hair? We will not let you leave this page without answering it. So, let us start.

To answer this question simply, bleach bath hair is the mildest technique for hair lightening. You should not confuse it with regular traditional bleaching. While bleaching can be extremely harsh to hair, a bleach bath is more gentle but can be very successful in lightening your hair or removing unwanted dye.

Therefore, a bleach bath is most commonly defined as a combination of different ingredients, such as bleach powder, peroxide, and shampoo. Because of using shampoo to dilute a hydrogen strength adding conditioning ingredients to the mix, makes this combination is gentler to hair than the regular bleaching treatment.

The bleach bath is the perfect solution for those women looking to finally get rid of stubborn traces of an old dye. Additionally, you can use it if you just want a lighter shade and avoid the full bleach process.

Since the mixture is usually applied to the wet hair, the bleach bath is highly effective. When applied to the wet hair, the combined ingredients distribute evenly on the hair which leads to even and satisfying results.

Bleach bath hair instructions

As mentioned earlier, bleach bath hair consists of bleach powder, peroxide, and shampoo. However, before you start thinking about these ingredients, there is one crucial step you should make. Firstly, you should take an allergy test. Doing such a test is an absolute must if you have never come in contact with bleach. In case the test shows any allergic reactions, then a bleach bath is not for you.

To dispel all your doubts, take the simple test. All you have to do is take a cotton ball, dip it into the bleach and the developer, and swab it on a small piece of your skin. If it starts to itch or turns red, this means you are having an allergic reaction. In this case, you should not continue with bleach wash. On the other hand, if there is no reaction, not even after 48 hours, then you can proceed with the following steps.




Bleach wash ratio

The most difficult part of a bleach bath is the bleach wash ratio. For the best results, the ratio should be carefully calculated. Otherwise, the whole process might be in vain.

When it comes to bleach wash, the unwritten rule says you should mix the developer and the bleach powder in a ratio of 2:1. This means whichever amount of bleach you decide to use, you should add twice as much of the developer.

At this point, you should know that developers come in a wide range of volumes. Those developers with a volume of 40 are the strongest ones, while the weakest developers are the ones with a volume of 10. For bleach bath treatment be sure to use volume 10 developer with a smaller amount of shampoo or 20 volume developer with double the dose of shampoo.

To make the mixture ready for applying to the hair, you should not forget to add one part of a shampoo, since this is the most important step that makes bleach was milder than regular bleaching. Shampoo and bleach powder should be added in equal amounts.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the ratio of ingredients used for bleach wash largely depends on what you want to achieve. For example, by adding more shampoo, you are actually diluting the bleach and developer. The result is a delicate and gentle lightening. On the other hand, if you add less shampoo to the mixture, it lets bleach work its magic and leave your hair at least two or three tones lighter.

When thinking about the ratio, you should also consider your hair length. If you have long hair, you should double the amount of mixture, or reduce it in half for shorter hair.

How to do a bleach bath

There are a few steps you should follow when doing a bleach bath. The first step is to dampen your hair. Women often make the mistake of making their hair completely wet before a bleach bath. For the ultimate results, you should only damp it under cold water. If you think your hair is too wet, don’t worry.  Let your hair air dry for a few minutes or even use a towel to pick up the extra moisture. Then your hair will be ready for the next step.

The next step is all about protection. First and foremost you should protect your hands by wearing gloves. This way your skin will not get in direct contact with bleach and burn or dry out. Since bleach is known for its discoloring effect, you should put a towel on your shoulders or put on some old clothes.  No drips can touch and ruin your favorite sweatpants or hoodie.

Congrats! After testing and measuring, the time has finally come for you to apply the mixture. When applying the mixture, start your way from the end and work your way up. From ends to your roots. Whatever is left from the mixture you can massage in your hair just like a regular shampoo.

To prevent the applied solution from dripping and making a mess, you can use clips to secure your hair. Never put a shower cap on or a hair wrap, nor a plastic bag since it can increase the temperature and activate the bleach more strongly, and that can result in damaging your hair severely.

Extra tips for a successful bleach wash

Whatever you do, please do not warm the solution with a blow dryer for better effect. Every 5 minutes or so, you should check your hair to see the color transformation. Therefore, as long as this process lasts and your solution is on your hair, you must monitor it closely. When you see the shade or tone you want or after 45 minutes, you can wash the bleach out, dry your hair, and voila!Your hair is now ready to be toned or dyed to a different shade.


How long you should leave the bleach wash on your hair

How long you should leave the bleach wash on your depends on your hair type and color and the strength of the developer used. For instance, if you have bleached your hair sometime before, then you should not leave it on longer than 10 minutes. In case you have dark hair but want lighter locks, then leaving the bleach bath on for 30 minutes is a good decision. However, if you have used the strongest developer, that of 30 or 40 volume, then you should not leave it on longer than 10 minutes.

Why you should consider cruelty free hair bleach

While you are taking many different things into consideration when it comes to your bleach bath, cruelty free hair bleach should be one of them. The greatest advantage of these products is their safety for the environment. There are multiple brands that choose not to test their product on animals, and you are no longer forced to buy the product that does not agree with your beliefs. Even though we are talking about cruelty free hair bleach, it has the same power as any other type of bleach. This means you can lighten your hair up to 9 tones with cruelty free hair bleach!

On the downside, you can not use these products if your hair is brittle and dry, as goes for any other kind of bleach. A bleach bath is more than enough.

Cruelty free hair bleach

Although there are many products on the market, we would like to recommend only two of them. The first one is Flash Lightning Vegan Hair Bleach Kit which consists of two products — Prepare to dye clarifying shampoo and two packages of 30 volume developers. They are vegan and cruelty free hair bleach products. The shampoo cleans your hair perfectly and protects it from UV rays. For bleach bath mixture use the shampoo in the mix, as previously explained.

The second product is Amplified Flash Lightning Vegan Hair Bleach Kit. Just like the previous kit, this one contains a clarifying shampoo and two packages of 40 volume developers. They are too vegan and cruelty free hair bleach products that help you get the shade you want in no time.

Best bleach for blonde hair

Blonde hair is not like any other hair. You need to be extra careful with dyeing blonde hair as well as bleaching it. That is why most hairdressers recommend using hair lighteners instead of a bleach wash. They are gentler than bleach baths because they contain plenty of nourishing ingredients. Also, hair lighteners are great for people with sensitive, itchy, or dry scalp who should not use any bleach-based products. They still contain bleach, but the mixture is predefined for better results and milder effect on the hair quality.

Sun Bum Blonde Formula Hair Lightener contains the perfect vegan formula consisting of Hawaiian lemon and lehua honey. This combination not only brightens blonde hair easily but also protects the hair from dullness, frizz, UV rays, and humidity. More importantly, it does not contain any paraben, gluten, formaldehyde, or phthalate.

Tints of Nature has designed 3 in 1 Natural Lightener Kit for all those women wanting to lighten their hair up to 7 shades! Can you believe it? Apart from its lightening powers, it also nourishes your hair in the process. That is because the kit contains wheat protein among other organic ingredients which makes sure your hair is strong and damage-resistant.

Manic Panic and its Pastel-izer Pastel Hair Color Mixer is mostly praised for the duration of its effects. Namely, with this product you can turn any color into much lighter tones and the best part of it all is that its effects last up to 6 weeks.

Best professional bleach for dark hair

If you have dark hair and want to lighten it, then professional bleach can help you achieve that goal quickly. Since there are too many products available, here is some of the best professional bleach for dark hair to help you out.

Pravana Pure Light Ultra Lightener is one of those products that give you more than you ask or pay for. Not only does it lighten your hair up to, wait for it, 9 shades, it also nourishes your hair and prevents it from drying out or becoming dull. All thanks to its innovative Reunite Mending Technology. Therefore, you do not only get lighter hair but also shiner and better looking.

Clairol Professional BW2 Lightener is specially made for dark hair. Although the process is demanding, this product is your best ally. The package contains enough product for at least 8 rounds which is more than enough for you to get your favorite shade. On the downside, you may not like its smell. According to most users, it is very strong.

When you color your hair blonde, it is difficult to keep it that way without any brassy overtones. That is why Wella Professionals Blondor Multi Blonde Lightening Powder is the perfect product for you. The customers simply love this product not only because it lightens the hair up to 7 shades, but also because of its anti-yellowing pigments. They are the reason why blonde hair always looks fresh.

All in all, lightening your hair just a few shades or going blonde does not have to be a tedious process or a damaging one. With our bleach bath hair instructions and the correct bleach wash ratio, you can finally have the shade you want.