How to cut long hair

For some women, the question of how to cut long hair may seem ridiculous. However, for those wanting to have long and voluminous hair, the question is the real conundrum. Why? Because they have left the hairdressers feeling unhappy with the way their haircut turned out a few too many times. If you have ever felt the same, then you know what we are talking about.

Hairdressers are notorious for either cutting way too much hair or too little. You will rarely find a hairstylist who will cut the right length, show sympathy, and understand how much time and effort you have put into growing long hair. Because of all these disappointing visits to the hairdressers, you may feel discouraged to have the hair you always dreamed of — hair of perfect length, volume, and dimension. But you should not feel that way. You can still have the long hair of your dreams.

In this article, we will break down hair cutting terminology for you and teach you how to cut long hair and be satisfied with the way it turns out.

Hair cut

How to cut long hair

Nowadays, you can choose among various types of haircutting. Women with long hair can choose a one-length haircut, layers, or even a combination of the two. Similarly, you can opt for thinning or cutting split ends while preserving the hair length.

The type of hair cutting solely depends on your preferences and needs. Also, on hair texture and lifestyle. For instance, if your hair is coarse, thick, and curly, then layers will remain hidden. In that case, what is the point of getting a haircut? On the other hand, if you are always busy, then maybe too demanding haircuts are just not your cup of tea.

How to cut long hair: One-length or blunt haircut

Women with long but fine hair wanting thickness at hair ends should think about one-length haircuts when thinking about how to cut long hair. This haircut is especially suitable for this hair type because it adds weight and allows hair to shape itself naturally. Also, it prevents split ends or any breakage or damage.

If you had layers before, but now want to get this haircut, then your hairstylist will have a lot of work to do. The most demanding part for you, however, will be to grow the upper layers without any damage or split ends. No split ends mean no need for trimming, so your layers will take less time to grow the desired length. As you may notice, the growing part takes too much time. You will have to visit the hairstylist every 8 to 12 weeks to trim ends slowly to keep them healthy, so they can grow just the way you want them to.

Before you decide to go down this road, you should think about whether or not this particular hairstyle will suit you just to be sure.

One length hair

How to cut long hair: layers

How to cut long hair? Layers could be the answer you are looking for! They are perfect for decreasing density and adding movement to the hair. If you have thick or straight hair, then layers should be your go-to haircut.

There are various types of layering. For instance, you can choose overdirecting. This means all your hair will be cut in many layers of different lengths. This hairstyle is bold and definitely for those women wanting to make a statement. Moreover, you can select a graduated or stacked haircut. In this case, all the layers are neatly stacked which adds weight to particular areas.

Layered wavy hair

How to cut split ends

At some point, all of us have those irritating split ends even though the rest of our hair looks great. For those struggling to grow their hair the right length, split ends could make their struggle even more difficult and time-consuming. Still, getting rid of them and making your hair healthy and damage-free is not too demanding. Here are some guidelines on how to cut split ends.

How to cut split ends? Easily! After you have washed your hair, let it dry a bit until it is damp. You do not have to do this after washing your hair. Using a spray bottle to dampen the hair will do. Then take a brush and get rid of all knots in your hair. Now you can divide your hair into sections.

While you are busy with one section, you can clip others to keep them out of the way. The section you have selected should be placed between your index and middle finger. Holding the section, slide gently along the hair strand stopping an inch away from your split ends. Take the professional and very sharp scissors and cut the split end strand by strand. Repeat the same process on all sections of hair and that is how you cut split ends in an efficient way. This process is very time-consuming but it’s a good way to cut split ends without cutting the complete lenght of your hair.

How to trim split ends

If you have split ends, you do not have to cut your whole lenght. By cutting all of it, you also make your hair shorter. You can get rid of your split ends by trimming them instead of cutting them. Here is a guide on how to trim split ends.

Twisting technique

Since women with long hair do not want to lose any length but want to have split ends cut, many hairstylists have been debating how to trim split ends while still allowing women to have long and healthy hair. As a result, they have come up with different techniques. For example, some like to take small sections of dry hair, not wet, twist them, and trim only split ends.

This technique is great for your hair for at least two reasons. Firstly, you get to preserve the length. Secondly, you get rid of all split ends. This is important because with regular cutting you do not get rid of all split ends. Cutting only removes split ends at the bottom layers but that is not where most of those split ends are. Actually, you can find them along the hair strand not just at its ends.

Sliding technique

When thinking about how to trim split ends, other hairstylists have come up with a sliding technique. This technique is highly specific because it involves weaving and sliding motions. Namely, once you take a section of hair and weave it between your index, middle, and ring finger, you trim the split ends sticking out. Then, you slide your fingers down that section of hair and repeat the process. You should repeat the sliding and trimming process until you have removed all split ends in the section and move on to another one.


How to thicken ends of hair

How often do you experience split ends or breakage? If the answer is too often, then you should learn how to thicken ends of hair. Before we start you should know there is no magic potion that will make your hair ends look thicker overnight. There are ways to help you nourish, hydrate, and keep those ends moisturized and thick at all times.

Rule number one in our how to thicken ends of hair guidebook says that you should choose shampoos and conditioners with volumizing or thickening effects. Since we are talking about hair ends, you should pay special attention to them while shampooing or conditioning. Generally, dry ends tend to look thinner therefore make sure to keep them moisturized.

You should also apply heat protectant sprays before curling or straightening your hair. This will prevent damage and split ends. In combination with proper hair care products, your hair ends might look thicker.

Now that you have become familiar with hair cutting terminology, you definitely know how to cut long hair and get the haircut you really want and like.