Oops! You just dyed your hair and the color has not turned out right! What are you going to do now? First of all, do not panic. Luckily to you, there is a number of ways you can remove hair dye without damaging your hair.

In this article, we will cover some of the techniques you can use to remove direct dye from hair in a less damaging and destructive way. Similarly, you will familiarize yourself with products such as hair color remover and bleach and understand the difference between the two. Continue reading to learn how to remove hair dye without damage.

How long does permanent hair dye last

Before we start discussing all the techniques, we first have to distinguish between permanent and semi permanent hair dyes. This knowledge will help you choose the best method for removing hair dye successfully.

Let us start with permanent hair dye. This type contains ammonia, a harsh and powerful chemical, which is the main reason why the dye lasts longer than any other type. Namely, ammonia lifts up the hair cuticle to penetrate as deep as possible. The number of chemicals contained in the hair dye is responsible for its durability but also damage. However, the dye covers up gray hair up to 100%!

Although the hair dye is called permanent, it is not really permanent. It’s not going to be the same when you color it and a couple of months afterward. Permanent hair dye lasts significantly longer than all other dyes. To answer your question how long does permanent hair dye last, fresh color lasts about 8 weeks, depending on your hair porosity. On damaged hair, the dye will go off faster. The most important thing to know about permanent hair dye is that the only way to remove it is to use color remover or bleach. You can fade it with some natural options, but your natural hair color can be returned only when your hair completely grows out, and you cut off the dyed part.



How long does semi permanent hair dye last

Unlike permanent hair dye, semi permanent does not contain ammonia. Quite the opposite, it is combined with hydrogen peroxide in a smaller amount as well as other less damaging ingredients to the hair. It as greater molecule that can penetrate the hair and dye it whether your hair is natural or bleached. Semi permanent dye is mostly used to tone already dyed hair, but it can also be used as a less damaging option for dyeing natural hair that has no gray hair.

Because of less invasive and harsh chemicals, semi permanent hair dye lasts shorter than the permanent one. Additionally, it does not provide full coverage of gray hair. On the bright side, most semi permanent hair dyes contain natural oils which nourish hair and prevent it from breakage and damage.

In the end, semi permanent hair dye can last up to 6 weeks with proper hair care.


How long does bleached hair last

How long does bleached hair last is a frequent question heard in hair saloons. No matter what you hear from others, you

should know that bleaching is permanent. If you have ever dyed your hair or thought about it, then you know what bleaching is. It is the best way to remove direct dye from hair in order to dye it in a brand new color and get the exact tone you want. However, the process is not easy and it requires patience, time, and expertise.

To bleach your hair, you need to use two products — hydrogen peroxide and bleach powder. Since there are only two products available, you might think bleaching is something you can by yourself at home. Still, you should not. If you want to bleach your hair, let your hairdresser do it for you instead. The timing is crucial and there’s no skill in the world that would prepare you for the bullrun of bleach damaging when it stays on your hair for too long. On the other hand, if you keep it on your hair too short, the color you end up with could be irreversable without another bleach session.

Bear in mind that when you bleach your hair, you say goodbye to your natural color. All you have to do is wait for it to grow back but that is a slow and long process. For this reason, do not make a decision you will regret if you are not committed to the goal.

Color remover vs bleach

The time has come to discuss hair color removers and bleach. If you are interested in knowing how to remove hair dye, then these two methods are the way to go. Let us take a look at when and how you can use color remover and bleach to remove hair dye. Choosing one of the two will depend on your current hair color and wanted result.

Removing permanent hair dye with hair dye remover

Since permanent hair dye lasts the longest, it is also the most difficult and demanding to get rid of. All because of ammonia and its deep penetration to the hair cuticle which results in a tight bond between the molecules. To break that bond, you can use specially designed hair dye removers. They will wash out the dye, but this process will not bring your natural color to the full. After using a color remover you will need to wait 24 hours to dye your hair in the desired shade. If you do it too soon, your previous hair color may return even though you used completely different shade. You can also use pH-neutral shampoo and deep conditioners to return your hair pH and prevent this from happening.

Removing permanent hair dye with bleach

If your hair is dyed dark or black, you might need to go to more severe methods of removing your permanent hair color. Bleaching hair is the most effective method of removing permanent hair dye. If done right your hair can be both healthy and colored. But it should be done with most caution or done by a professional hairdresser.

If you choose to do it at home, be sure to choose a less damaging way of bleaching – a bleach bath. Here you can find a complete tutorial on how to do a bleach bath at home.


How to remove permanent hair dye from gray hair

As we age, our hair grows old as well. It becomes sensitive and prone to damage more than usual. That is why you should consider some less damaging methods to go gray naturally. Also, since gray hair is more porose naturally it doesn’t keep the color as strongly, so it’s definitely easier to remove permanent hair dye from gray hair than removing it from your natural hair color.

If you do not know how to remove permanent hair dye from gray hair, you should think about hair dye removers and cleaning shampoos designed by professionals. In case you are still not quite sure how to remove permanent hair dye from gray hair, then you should consult your hairdresser and come up with a plan that will be the best solution for your hair.

If you choose to remove hair dye by yourself try these non-damaging methods first, before rushing to use bleach. It might not be necessary. In this case, there are two types of shampoos you could try — anti-dandruff and clarifying shampoos.

Anti-dandruff shampoos are the perfect solution for removing permanent hair dye from gray hair if that hair dye is put over a lighter color or shade. All you have to do is buy an anti-dandruff shampoo and use it regularly. You will soon notice how your hair dye slowly disappears.

Unlike anti-dandruff shampoos, clarifying ones should not be used as often. Instead, you should use it a few times in a row for the best results.

However, if the color is too persistent the next option is a hair color remover. It will open the cuticle and remove the unwanted shade from your gray hair. If it’s still there you might need to go to the bleaching, as you would if your hair wasn’t gray

When the process is finished, you will have to take extra care of your hair. Regenerating, hydrating, and moisturizing treatments should become a part of your daily routine.

How to remove semi permanent hair dye

Semi permanent hair dye does not penetrate into the hair structure. The dye only sticks to the surface of the hair, while the root and cuticles remain intact. That is why such dyes are easy to remove.

The secret weapon for removing semi permanent hair dye is actually a clarifying shampoo. These and similar products contain a powerful formula specially designed to remove excess buildup on the scalp and hair but can also easily remove toner from your hair.

It is important to remember that one must be extra careful when using these products. You should apply a clarifying shampoo and wash the hair dye out immediately after you realize your hair color has turned out wrong. Still, chances are you will not be able to remove all hair dye, but somewhere around 20%. For a shampoo, this result is pretty good.

If it still doesn’t work, color remover will definitely do the trick. The success of removing semi permanent hair dye with color remover is about 90%.

Can you bleach your hair after using color remover?

If your color remover fails to give you desired result, you are surely thinking after bleaching  hair after using color remover. To answer your and other women’s question — no, you should not bleach your hair right after using color remover. The color removal process is a completely different treatment and you should not do it at the same time as bleaching. Be sure to wait at least a month to be sure that your hair cutticle is closed and ready to be treated again without damage.

Best color removers

To help you choose the best color remover to remove direct dye from hair, here is a list followed by a description of some of the best color removers.

The first color remover you should try out is Scruples Color Delete Permanent Hair Color Remover. This is the go-to product for removing hardcore shades. Although it is incredibly powerful in removing hair color, it actually contains a number of oils, such as bamboo and avocado, which are great for your hair.

If you are looking to get rid of bolder colors such as pink or blue, then Revolution Pro Hair Color Remover is the right product for you. All the more so because it is ammonia and bleach-free. Despite lacking these two components, it still manages to remove the color and product build-up and nourish the hair from within.

Do you prefer buying multifunctional products? If you do, then Roiux Beauty Clean Touch Stain Remover should go on your shopping list. This product not only removes color from ends but also dye stains on your skin and clothes. On the other hand, it contains ammonia, so you should think twice about this investment.

Another product you must consider is Joico Color Intensity Eraser. Why? Because it takes only half an hour to remove permanent or semi permanent color. More importantly, it works perfectly well no matter whether you are trying to get rid of a new hair dye or an old one. This product also contains keratin as one of the ingredients which means there will be less damage to your hair during the color removal process.

On the whole, even if you dye your hair and do not get the shade or color you want, there is a solution. The only question now is whether to use a color remover or bleach. Hopefully, this article has helped you make the right decision and enjoy the hair color you wanted in the first place.

How to remove permanent hair dye from hair naturally

Apart from using chemical hair dye removers, you can resort to more natural and organic methods and make sure your hair is less damaged after the treatment. In the continuation, we are going to teach you how to remove permanent hair dye from hair naturally.

Another way is to combine equal parts of baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo. Use this mixture as a shampoo and rinse it out with water to try and remove unwanted hair color. This would remove almost any wrong shade from previously blonde hair.

Even celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, resort to natural hair dye removers. Her advice for removing hair dye is to mix your regular shampoo with a few crushed vitamin C tablets. Let it sit in for about 20 minutes then rinse until the water is completely clear. For this method to take effect, you should repeat the process twice a week. Please be careful, this method is harsher than others, and if your hair is too dark, there’s no point in trying. You will get dry hair and it will stay dark as it was before.

Did you know that natural oils, such as coconut, can help you remove hair dye effectively? Neither have we! But if you warm up a small amount of coconut oil and massage your hair with this warm oil, it will your remove some hair dye from your hair. Oils can strip down some amount of dye from the surface, if the color you got was just a shade too dark, for example. It can also help to remove toner from hair.

Please note that not all natural ways of stripping hair color are healthy for your hair. Sure, they will do less damage than bleaching for a full hour, but you won’t go without some damage. Also, natural ways to remove hair dye aren’t always effective. Your expectations should be low, it can make some difference, but not significantly.