One the most important questions for women (and for some men as well) is – How to grow long hair fast? Of course, it is not enough just to grow long hair, it should be a shiny healthy hair. It can be a difficult process, but not extremely difficult. If you follow our ultimate guide, step by step, we promise – growing long, beautiful looking hair will actually be easy.

After years and years of trying out everything there is, I created this simple but detailed guide to growing long hair, step by step tutorial, and I promise – growing long, beautiful looking hair will actually turn out to be a passion of your own. Growing long hair requires perfect hair care, dedication and patience as well as some changes in your routine. Don’t worry, we got everything covered, so that being said, let’s start step by step to growing your long hair.

Avoid going to the hairdresser for a while


If you have a habit of visiting the hairdresser once a month, or once in two months, you should reconsider it. Every now and then you see pieces of advice that say that you should cut your hair once in every six weeks in order for it to grow faster. It is not surprising that many of this advice comes from „professional“ hairdressers, who certainly have financial benefits from this. But, if you want to grow long hair you should definitely think twice.

What is the story behind this myth? Hair grows 1-2 cm per month on average. How often you cut it, won’t affect how often it grows, so it is easy to see that there is no logical connection between these two. Hair grows in its own pace, whether or not you cut it. 

growing long hairCutting hair can’t accelerate your hair growth, there is no logical connection between these two, if you think about it, since follicle does not have nerve ending or blood vessels. Your hair is a dead tissue, and roots don’t have any idea if ends are being cur or not. Hair growth has it’s own rhythm, whether you cut the ends or not. Also, having in mind that hair grows at a certain speed, if you cut around 1 cm every month and a half, you will need an eternity to actually grow long hair. Cutting your hair every six weeks means making one step forward, and two steps backward. Hair cutting long hair isn’t easy for the hairdresser or the client, as less it goes the better.

You should also keep in mind the terminal length of your hair – length to which their hair is capable of growing. This is genetically predominated.


Preventing split-ends

Split ends do look bad, and you can not grow healthy long hair if you have split ends. Fair enough. But, is it really true that split-ends appear every six weeks? Yes and no. If you neglect your hair, split ends will definitely appear. On the other hand, if you neglect your hair, you certainly won’t be able to grow not long, not healthy hair.

The important thing to know is how to prevent split-ends without cutting your hair too often. To ensure that your hair grows long use leave-in treatments in order to protect the hair ends. Silicones as ingredients are one of the main topics in every hair care discussion. They can be found in a huge number of cosmetic products. There is a belief that silicones create a layer around the hair, a layer which can never be washed away. Hair begins to rotten inside that layer and it remains beautiful only from the outside. Luckily, this is not true. The fact is that silicones can be washed off with your regular shampoo. But that is not the end – some of them can even be washed off only by clean water.

Silicones create a layer around your hair – a layer that can be washed off, yes. This layer has several purposes. It protects your hair from all external influences. It protects the hair from temperatures as high as 230 degrees Celsius – which means it protects your hair from the sun, and from curling and flat ironing as well. This layer also retains moisture inside the hair and prevents it from drying.

It reflects light and gives a great shine and smooth look to your hair. Hair care products that help you grow long hair should definitely contain silicones because of all the protective benefits for the hair.


Grow long hair with proper hair care routine

There is also a huge misconception that using too many products will do more harm, but that’s just not true. It is true that if you stop using products, your hair will look worse than when you use them. But, that is not a sign that these products are bad for you, it is a sign that they are actually doing their job – conditioning, washing, protecting, everything you need to grow long hair.

If you want to grow beautiful, healthy long hair – do not skip any of the hair care products. You should, of course, choose them and use them in regards to your specific hair type, but using only a shampoo will never be enough for healthy hair.

Washing, shampooing, rinsing, and conditioning, followed by leave-in products is a normal hair care routine for every hair type. If you really want to get shiny looking hair, do not skip any of these steps. Ever. Hair care is a lifelong process, and it is not a good idea to stop everything when you reach your desired length. You will end up with damaged and lifeless hair.

The first rule, shampooing. Whether you have greasy, normal, dry or damaged hair one rule binds us all – mild shampoos are the way to go. No hair needs harsh surfactants in order for it to be clean. Be sure to avoid using ingredients like SLS, SLES too often, it will dry out your scalp and hair. Shampoo your hair once or twice if really needed – Excessive shampooing could strip your hair color and leave your hair feeling dry. 

Moisturize your hair

Naturally dry hair implies that the transition of oil from the scalp to the length is prevented by the structure of the hair. Usually, in natural dry hair, we include curly and wavy hair, but even flat hair can be prone to natural dryness. Moisturizing your hair is crucial in this case.
We strongly recommend leaving the moisturizing hair treatment and hydrating conditioners on your hair as long as possible. Whenever you have time, you should let your moisturizer work its charm for at least 20 minutes.

Do not forget, these products are meant to feed your hair length, you should never apply them on the scalp. This is extremely important. It is often the case that the hair products are used incorrectly, and this can cause serious scalp problems like dandruff, seborrhea, and excessive greasing.

It is crucial to use a treatment or a conditioner with each wash. Don’t let your negligence ruin what you’ve accomplished. Even when you don’t have much time, don’t skip hair care routine. You always have that one or two minutes during your shower, or while brushing your teeth. There’s no excuse.

A huge misconception is that it is not good to condition greasy hair. But, the truth is, greasy hair is not caused by conditioners and hair treatments. It is caused by natural oil sebum and can be cured by treating your scalp, not depriving your hair length of proper care. It can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations and shampoo residue.

Conditioners, hair masks, hair treatments, leave-in products are something you should use on your hair length and ends only, avoiding the scalp.


Deep conditioning treatment

This is a way to get best from your hair conditioners and masks. After washing, apply your conditioning product, as you usually do. After that put on a shower cap (or if you don’t have it, a plastic bag will do the trick), and apply heat. Use a hair dryer to heat up the product in your hair. When heated up, wrap a towel around your head. You can repeat heating steps as many times you want. Afterward, rinse hair as you would normally do.

Protein hair care

Every hair that has been treated (hair dye, bleach, hair dryer, hair straightener, even brush and external influences like the cold, wind the sun) is more prone to keratin loss – the major component of the hair. This leads to damaged hair over the time. Anyone who wants long healthy hair, needs to make sure that in addition to moisturizing, they afford good protein reconstruction treatment.

There are a lot of treatments on the market that promise hair recovery, but you should learn to choose the best one.  The bet treatments have some kind of protein at the beginning of the ingredients list, in combination with several moisturizing ingredients that are the basis in all hair care products.

In combination with proteins, professional hair reconstruction treatments also include amino acids. Amino acids penetrate the cuticle and fill the cracks in it by which strengthening the structure of the treated and weakened hair.

You should let the protein treatment sit for at least 5 minutes if your hair is not heavily damaged. If it is, 15-30 minutes should do it. You should not leave it on longer because the proteins tend to stiffen your hair and make it difficult to detangle. Protein treatments are more beneficial for people with thin hair. Those of you with thick and coarse hair can use protein treatments less often or, even better, switch to treatments that besides proteins have a significant number of moisturizers and oils in the ingredient list.

Prevent heat damage when styling your hair


 It is strongly advised to avoid all sorts of styling tools.  No blow drying, no curling irons, no hot rollers, and no flat irons or crimpers. Heat can dry out your, hair and this can increase the risk of serious hair damage.  There are ways to get waves, even curls without heat. Also, you can get straight hair, by using smoothing products and heat free methods.

 If you really have to use them, make sure that your hair care is flawless. Without proper care, you won’t be able to grow long hair. Nourished and hydrated hair is more resistant to damage. 

When using inevitable blow dryer the important thing is how you use it to minimize the damage. The hair should be dried with several inches distance, holding the hair dryer in the direction of the brush pull. Thus, the cuticle is flattened, the hair is straightened and shiny. Set the temperature to medium or low, high heat setting is not meant for non-professionals!

You often meet girls who say they have been straightening their hair for years and their hair is still in perfect condition? Be sure that they do not skip on the conditioning and other hair care routines. Although genetics has a great influence on hair resistance, it’s not the only prerequisite; for many girls, the way they treat their hair is crucial when it comes to keeping the hair healthy.

Heat protectants do actually work – ingredients that reduce heat damage are PVP/DMAPA acrylates copolymer, quaternium 70, hydrolyzed wheat protein and silicones by smoothing out the outer layer and the way the hair heats up.

These molecules remain on the surface of the hair forming a highly resistant film that can heat up to 230 degrees. This being said, I still need to emphasize that avoiding often usage of the styling tools works best in keeping hair healthy enough for it to grow long and strong.


Use protective hairstyles to grow long hair

Avoiding styling for a while might leave your hair shapeless, so it might be a good idea to try out the popular sock-buns, braids, fish bones and similar hairstyles that, apart from looking good and raising hair from the neck and back, they are also good at protecting your hair from harmful external influences.  Plus, these hairstyles do not require using a hair dryer or a flat iron.


Summer hair care tips for growing long hair

Although both of these seasons are beautiful, they can both cause some damaging effect on your hair

Summer brings us salt water, chlorine, sun, sand.

Winter, on the other hand, brings moisture, rain, and wind, and then the snow, the cold, and dangerously low temperatures. 

All of these things can cause great damage to your hair. Your hair care requires some mild changes in your routine. But, luckily if you do those, your hair will remain beautiful and nurtured, and your scalp healthy. You can easily avoid dryness, flyaways, dandruff, static, brittle hair, hair fall, frizzy hair if you follow some simple rules.

Summer hair care – You should never skip using hydrating conditioner and hydrating treatments in your summer hair care routine. However, same goes for protein hair treatments. It is recommended to nourish the hair with a moisturizing hair treatment or a conditioner that, in addition to moisturizing ingredients, contains proteins and keratin.

The reason for this is the fact that the hair is more prone to loss of moisture and keratin when it is constantly exposed to the sun, salt, chlorine, etc. Good advice for those days that you spend on a beach is to put a hair treatment or a nutrient conditioner several times a day – every time you get out of the water. Just rinse your hair (to wash out salt or chlorine), and apply the nutritious product, put it in a bun and enjoy your sunny day.

In addition to the nutrition of the hair, it is necessary to choose a mild shampoo for your daily wash. Mild sulfate free shampoos will not dry out your hair, they are very gentle to the scalp and the hair. You can freely use them on a daily basis without the fear of drying out the hair and preventing you to grow long hair. Also, these shampoos will also preserve your hair color from excessive color rinsing. 

Winter hair care 

During cold winter months, your scalp and hair get dryer because of the lack of moisture caused by heating. Dry scalp causes itchiness, dandruff, scalp irritation, and eventually – hair loss. All of these problems, of course, can be manageable with the right care. When I say right, I don’t mean aggressive shampoos that namely destroy dandruff. The best solution for dry scalp is actually a mild sulfate free shampoo.

 In this period of the year, the co-wash method is a good idea as well f you want to grow your hair healthy and keep it moisturized. Co-washing is shortened from conditioner washing, which literally means – washing the hair using only the conditioner. It is also known as a “no poo” method, meaning – Not using any shampoo. In winter time, hair tends to be extremely dry and damaged. That is why aggressive shampoos, even slightly aggressive ones are to be avoided. Sulfates are one of the factors of hair dryness, damage and also scalp problems like dandruff, excessive sebum etc. 

It may sound a bit strange, but as your skin, your hair is prone to drying under the influence of extreme cold, moisture, wind, indoor heating, etc. Once a week use a rich moisturizing mask that you will combine with a protein treatment once a week. The hydrating treatment will replenish the moisture; protein will prevent the loss of keratin and cracking of the hair under external influences. 

Don’t forget about deep conditioning treatment; in the winter it is necessary to perform this ritual minimum two times a month, or even once a week. The deep conditioning treatment will prevent the frizz that is one of the main hair problems in colder days.

Also, you should wear hats and scarves in order to mechanically protect your hair from the cold and wind. Despite the static electricity they cause, they’ll definitely do much less damage than the strong wind, the low temperatures. Choosing adequate hair care products will help you with hair static problems, this is not your biggest concern.

Growing long hair fast

Having long hair is a privilege. Growing long hair is a process. Long, but beautiful, creative and with satisfying results. There is no magical potion to grow long hair in a short period of time. Products for hair growth are nothing but a scam, and will do nothing or even worse – do harm and slow down your process. Try not to think about every inch, set your hair care routine, set your calendar for visiting your trustworthy hairdresser and you will grow long healthy hair in no time. Patience and persistence are your greatest allies.